A lavishly green object that changes appearance day by day, year by year. Fernhurst.

Plants always choose their most favorable path to grow. With Fernhurst we borrow this rich and uncopiable design by nature, giving it a framework to branch upon, reminiscent to rose bows. 

With its integrated planter, Fernhurst brings a touch of green to interiors, gardens, squares or rooftops.



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Overgrow Fernhurst with leaves, branches and flowers.

Bart Schilder created Fernhurst as a revised interpretation of the classic rose bow, a friendly arched object which changes appearance day by day.

Made in the Netherlands.

Fernhurst floor lamp is made out of stainless steel. Its sturdy concrete base with an integrated planter and removable plug allows for indoor- or outdoor use. For windy conditions, the lamp allows anchoring to the floor, or soil.

The floor lamp is equipped with a waterproof cord set. 


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