Our Collection

We have outlined a collection consisting out of seating, tables, storage, lighting, and accessories. The
collection’s style is modern, elegant, and heart-warming. With gentle, organic shapes and details.


We offer a range of comfortable chairs, elegant lounge chairs, relaxing armchairs, and attractive sofas for homes and hospitality. All items can be upholstered in our unique range of high-end fabrics, exclusively developed or selected for our collection.

Crafted from materials such as solid wood or stainless steel, our storage collection is created to last, built to store, designed to display, and made to admire. Timeless beauty for living rooms, bedrooms, and even outdoors.


Tables are vital. Our entire lives revolve around them – from socializing and working to wining, dining, and contemplating. We create tables that are not only aesthetic but also practical, pleasant to touch, and made for generations.

With beautiful contours, subtle details, and delicate materials, our lighting collection is designed to complement interiors, whether during the day or throughout the night. Bringing a sense of timelessness and a feeling of warmth to your home or workplace.


Reimagine your interior with exclusive wall claddings that can be easily cut to width and fitted to any wall. Revised walls are uniquely designed and made from attractive oak veneer panels, which can be finished with a natural stain coating or a coat of paint. Sometimes daring, sometimes subtle – but always surprisingly beautiful.

The beauty and feeling of tactile materials, combined with a twenties twist results into a gentle collage of materials, colors and patterns. This is then applied to soft textile carpets using the present day technology of digital printing.

Add a dash of depth and a sprinkle of sophistication by placing a strategically placed mirror, or a thoughtfully arranged display. Or a touch of color by means of a scatter pillow in one of our well-curated fabrics. As with all our furniture, we use high-end materials for our accessories.

Revised collection garden Bramber


There is so much joy to be found outside – nature’s ever-changing scenery and ambiance are to be admired and experienced. Our durable garden furniture includes seating, storage, lighting, and even a portable greenhouse.


Interior advice

We offer personalized interior design advice and a premium selection of design furniture, lighting and accesories for home & workplace.

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