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Design from generations, for generations

Our aim with the design label Revised is to create timeless atmospheres and emotions by exploring our most inspiring legacies with present day knowledge. With our modern interpretation of 20`s century craft, we bring an uncompromised level of detailing and sophistication to present-day interiors. 


Our collection

Our artisan products are made in Europe, we deal directly from the factory to you. Revised products are designed and made in such a sustainable way that they will last for generations. We have outlined our collection which includes seaters, tables, storage items, lighting elements and accessories.

The collection’s style is modern, elegant and heart-warming with gentle, organic shapes and details. Their soft, gentle curves flow almost imperceptibly from a rich to a slender silhouette with sophisticated grace and exquisite accents.

new arrivals Seating


Findon reinterprets Victorian garden furniture, fitted with wheels to be easily taken outside. Today, its cast aluminum wheels and handle fitted in front of the seat allow you to move Findon to the optimal position either in the early sun or in a pleasantly cool shade. Made in the Netherlands from stainless steel.

Design by: Bart Schilder

new arrivals seating


With its cast aluminum wheels and handle fitted in front of the seat you can easily move the Findon Day Bed around to the optimal position to relax and enjoy a perfect day in the garden. Equipped with comfortable, weather-resistant cushions. Made in the Netherlands from stainless steel.

Design by: Bart Schilder

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Interior design & advice

Studio Revised by Suzy Vissers-Hunt and her colleague Christopher McGuigan,  designs complete interiors. From A to Z. Revised is the starting point and language, but there are 15 befriended design brands with which they work together to coordinate everything for your interior. 


Each piece is a celebration of pure, high quality materials.

By selecting the most desireable materials, applied in sophisticated compositions, we strive to bring intense feelings of warmth and belonging into your home, your office, your present world.


Residence Revised

the Flagship Store for the Revised brand

Located in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium  Residence Revised presents the Revised collection in the most inspiring way.

We offer personalized interior design advice and a premium selection of complementary brands offering design furniture, lighting and accesories. 


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