Studio Revised

With Revised we strive to bring intense feelings of warmth, calmness, and belonging into your home, your office, your present world. From furniture to lighting, from wall to floor decorations, through our designs we aim to create atmospheres with a contemporary flavour, to enjoy a serene and soulful way of living. 

Studio Revised, lead by Suzy Vissers, is our interior design studio. Revised is our starting point and language which is complemented by a well-curated selection of complementary brands and products.


Creating environments

Revised is about craftsmanship, sustainability, calm and serenity. Suzy Vissers (co-founder Revised) designs your environment within that same philosophy. From her studio she works on her projects nationally and internationally with a fantastically motivated team.


In Dialogue

We listen very carefully to your desires and wishes, which results in a three-dimensional collaboration.

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