The Four Seasons

By Nynke Tynagel

A design concept using the archetypes and symbols associated with each season.


In her approach to graphic design inspired by the four seasons, Tynagel uses the archetypes and symbols associated with each season to create visual motifs and patterns. For example, in her work inspired by spring, Nynke uses images of flowers, birds, and other symbols of renewal and growth. In her work inspired by summer, she expresses vibrant colours, summer fruits, and other symbols of warmth and abundance.

Based on these 4 themes inspired by the seasons we have developed a textile collection of interior products, such as tone-in-tone woven tablecloths and  high-definition printed fabrics with vibrant colors and deep contrasts, applicable on scatter pillows and upholstery. 

The ultimate expression of the Four Seasons are 4 wall compositions,  printed on a linen-like, durable textile fixed on an aluminum frame. These panels are available in 2 standard measurements; 130×130 and 185x185cm. By request we can also produce made-to-measure panels up to 290cm.


The tree plays a central role as the symbol of revision and change.

Tynagel's approach to archetypes involves using the inherent symbolism of natural forms.


For the season of spring, symbols of growth and renewal such as blooming flowers, budding plants and chirping birds, create a light and airy design making the freshness and vitality of spring tangible.


In her design for summer, Tynagel applies symbols of warmth and abundance, such as summer fruits, sun-drenched landscapes, and bright and bold colors evoking the energy and vibrancy of the season.


For autumn, Tynagel uses symbols of change and transition, characterised by beautiful colours. The colours are rich and warm, reflecting the changing colors of the foliage.



For winter, symbols of stillness and introspection such as snowfall, bare trees, and typical winter flora stand out against the darkening surroundings. The color palette celebrates this season of contrast and the beauty of the winter landscape.



Nynke Tynagel

Nynke Tynagel is a Dutch designer and former co-founder of the design studio Studio Job. Her work is known for its bold and eclectic style, which often incorporates references to traditional motifs and archetypes from nature and mythology.

Tynagel’s approach to archetypes involves using the inherent symbolism and meaning of natural forms to create playful
designs that resonate with viewers on a subconscious level. This approach allows her to create designs that feel both familiar and fresh, drawing on the deep-rooted connections that people have with the natural world. 

Visually striking and deeply meaningful. 

The Four Seasons are now on display at Residence Revised, Antwerp.


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