Bramber mobile greenhouse

By David Le Versha

A soothing object for indoor & outdoor

David Le Versha is an English designer who has devoted this career to the design and construction of beautiful iron objects inspired by the Victorian era. 

Together with us, he has transformed the age-old craft techniques of the ironmonger into a high-tech, stainless steel mobile greenhouse. With two handles you roll the greenhouse like a wheelbarrow to the ideal spot in your garden where your seeds or cuttings can grow optimally in the sunlight or shade. Watering the plants is done by raising the tilting windows to any desired position. 



Bramber is available in 4 colour coatings, and its bottom is zinc plated to allow hardwearing use.




A sophisticated powdercoat finish, with a mild structure.



This reddish brown colour has a natural appeal.



With a black coating the delicate frame of Bramber becomes even more subtle.

Off White web


White complements green in the most vibrant way.

Made in the Netherlands

Bramber is made from stainless steel and fitted with cast aluminum wheels which are finished with two layers of powder coating.  The glass is safety glass and all parts are assembled with stainless steel nuts an bolts. 

The ‘Bramber’ will therefore last for generations to come. 



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