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About Us

We, Suzy & Casper Vissers, are the founders of Revised. Suzy is an interior architect and Casper is the co-founder of the design brand Moooi.
Designer Sjoerd Vroonland created the first collection in close collaboration with Christopher Mc Guigan and ourselves and we are expanding the collection ever since with new collaborations.


From generations, for generations

Our aim with the design label Revised is to create timeless atmospheres and emotions by exploring our most inspiring legacies with present day knowledge. We strive to bring intense feelings of warmth, calmness and belonging into your home, your office, your present world.


Our artisan products are made in The Netherlands and Italy.

We deal directly from the factory to you. Artisan cabinetmaking techniques are efficiently produced. Revised products are designed and made in such a sustainable way that they will last for generations.



Each piece is a celebration of pure, solid, high
quality materials such as
wood, marble, metal and glass.


Residence Revised

From furniture to lighting, from wall to floor decorations, through our designs we create atmospheres with a contemporary flavour, promoting a more serene and soulful way of living. Experience the world of Revised in our new Residence Revised in Breda, the Netherlands.

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